R.I.P Chester Bennington


Learning about the news of Chester’s suicide, I honestly feel so heartbroken. I never met this man, so some may say it’s silly to feel so heartbroken. I grew up listening to Linkin Park’s music. I was in a bad place growing up, struggling with depression and an anxiety disorder I didn’t even know I had. I felt like I had no place in this world, like everyone hated me. Listening to their music, I felt like someone understood me. I didn’t feel alone anymore.

I can honestly say that their music saved my life multiple times growing up. They made me a better, stronger person. As heartbroken as I feel, I can’t imagine how his family and band members must feel. So many people from all walks of life have expressed their sadness over his death, and that honestly warms my heart knowing how loved this man was. I won’t pretend to know what he went through in his life, but if his music is any reflection of that, I can say that he’s no longer suffering.

He’s free, and he’s finally gotten the wings that he’s earned after so long. Thank you, Chester, for everything you’ve done for me, your family, your fans. You will never know the impact you’ve made on so many people. Thank you for being in my life.

I just can’t believe you’re gone… We will never forget you or what your music has done for us.

Rest in Peace, Chester Bennington.


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